The Six Most Extreme Hurricanes of All Time

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Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast. The storm is massive—but will she be a part of the a lot of acute hurricanes of all time?

The Six Most Extreme Hurricanes of All Time
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A lot of belief factors in if baronial the severity of a storm, like the absolute afterlife toll, best wind speeds, and the amazing costs of damage. Here's a attending at some of the almanac setters—six of the affliction storms we've anytime seen.

The Bhola Cyclone is the deadliest close cyclone on record. It hit Bangladesh (East Pakistan at the time) and India's West Bengal on November 12, 1970 and it dead amid 300,000 and 500,000 people—exact numbers aren't known—when its billow abounding the low lying islands in the Ganges Delta. It was a massive Category 3 storm with apprehension that accomplished upwards of 115 mph.

The Six Most Extreme Hurricanes of All Time

Photo by NOAA

A blizzard with a name like Super Typhoon Nina doesn't blend around. It airtight into China on August 1, 1975, with aiguille wind speeds of 155 mph and absolutely destroyed the Banquiao Dam. This acquired massive calamity and the afterlife of added than 100,000 people.

Photo: US Navy People were hardly even warned about the Galveston Blow of 1900. In fact, the acclimate account had an official convenance of alienated the chat "hurricane" so humans wouldn't panic. Bad move. Galveston was just nine anxiety about sea akin and absolutely extemporaneous for the Category 4 storm's 15 bottom billow and 135 mph apprehension that absolutely done over the tiny south Texas island. The bill totalled today's agnate of $500 million. Six-thousand humans died, and the absolute boondocks was basically destroyed.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Before the 1938 New England Hurricane, no above hurricanes had hit the arena back 1869. It started as a Category 5 and fabricated landfall in Long Island as a Category 3. It destroyed 57,000 homes, dead as abounding as 800 people, and acquired today's agnate of $4.7 billion in damage. Clean up was allegedly so asperous that even as backward as 1951, there was still arresting wreckage.

Photo: Creative Commons

What 1992's Blow Andrew lacked in admeasurement it fabricated up for in arduous force. It fabricated landfall as a Category 3 in August 1992 and wiped out accomplished communities in the Miami area. It hit in a blow division that had been almost quiet, and until Katrina, it was the a lot of big-ticket blow anytime to annihilate the U.S., costing $26.5 billion.

Photo: FEMA

Katrina was the costliest blow to anytime hit the U.S., and one of the deadliest storms on record. It's till beginning in the nation's memory, and over seven years afterwards the August, 2005 storm, New Orleans is still ambidextrous with the extensive damage. If the levees broke, 80 percent of the city-limits flooded. The adverse storm dead 1,836 humans (705 are still missing), and amount $208 billion and counting.

Photo: NASA

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