Tiny Skis for Wheelchairs Tackle Snow With Ease

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Tiny Skis for Wheelchairs Tackle Snow With Ease

The baby and attenuate foreground auto on a wheelchair or adventurer ability cycle simple on harder surfaces, but on snow and ice they bore appropriate in like a hot knife through butter. So a Swedish artist has created a simple ski accessory that lets abate auto calmly accelerate over arctic conditions.

The Wheel Blades—created by Patrick Mayer—easily attach with a simple one-click operation to a arise that's cleverly engineered to accomodate auto in a array of sizes. The arise is aswell amid afterpiece to the foreground of the ski so anniversary brand is consistently pointing in the administration the rider, or the pusher in the case of a stroller, intends. And a set of grooves on the base helps accommodate adherence as they're pushed through the snow.

The Wheel Blades are accepted to be accessible ancient in the abatement of this year for about $245 per pair—but aboriginal Mayer needs to accession about $88,000 for an antecedent artefact run to accompany the per-unit amount down. So he's created a donation anatomy on his site if you'd like to contribute. Just accumulate in apperception these aren't advised for arrest an Olympic-class slalom run in your wheelchair. Or even the bunny abruptness for that matter.

Tiny Skis for Wheelchairs Tackle Snow With Ease

[Wheel Blades via designboom]

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