Sub Pop Records Opens Corner MP3 Store

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Sub Pop Records Opens Corner MP3 Store

The admirable Sub Pop label, which has put out annal for anybody from Nirvana to The Shins, is aggravating their duke at the online music abundance game—and they're accomplishing it mostly right. They accept over 200 feature albums up for auction in 192kbps MP3 for $9.90 a pop—stuff from the above bands, Hot Hot Heat, and Sunny Day Real Estate, just to name a few. And they're already searching at means to advance the store.

True, they're not alms individual advance yet, some of the albums can be had for cheaper on iTunes and they're 49 percent endemic by Warner, one of the Big Four. But! They plan on advance the bitrate anon and abacus anthology art to the bales in PDF or a agnate format—right now, they accept awning art anchored in the MP3s. And if they do, anyone who bought a antecedent adaptation will get the adapted adaptation for free. Better still, they're in fact accessible to acknowledgment from customers.

Overall it sounds like a solid accomplishment from a solid label—it array of feels like the online adaptation of the bend almanac abundance ample next to Best BuyTunes. [Sub Pop via Crave]

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