Google Glass for Police Brings Us Closer to a RoboCop Reality

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Ok Glass, you can apprehend the cop now. Take a account of that authorization plate. Try: Ok Glass. Record a video of this 5 anxiety fire. Or even: Ok Glass. Search: gunshot anguish treatment. It doesn't yield abundant acuteness to apprehend that Google Glass could be a admired apparatus for aboriginal responders. And now, the aboriginal app has popped up that could accomplish it a reality.

The industry that keeps our badge officers, firefighters and EMT workers able is hip to the possibilities of Glass, and just appear the aboriginal anytime Glassware for accessible safety. Mutualink, a aggregation that makes accessories for anybody from NATO peacekeeping troops to bounded badge forces, just appear that app at APCO, a appointment for accessible assurance communications. Mutualink provided a few examples of how the app could be acclimated in a columnist release:

Firemen reviewing the schematic of a architecture afore entering and while abyssal a afire structureEMTs triaging patients at the arena of an blow with accepted medical annal of victimsPolice getting able to watch video augment from academy aegis cameras in real-time during an alive ballista scenario.

Sounds appealing futuristic! Maybe a little too futuristic. The aloofness apropos that run aggressive about all things Glass-related are absolutely amplified if you anticipate about cops and medical workers application the device. As TechCrunch credibility out, the abstraction of New York City badge admiral cutting cameras on their uniforms is already causing all sorts of controversy. An internet-connected accessory that can yield photo or video in about clandestineness absolutely will not be bigger received.

On the added hand, who doesn't wish emergency workers to be able to do their jobs better? Imagine if EMTs were demography pictures of injuries and bright them aback to the hospital so that the emergency allowance will be bigger able for the patient. Mutualink, meanwhile, has fabricated aloofness a top priority if developing the new software, so the abstracts that's recorded through the app will be protected.

When you absolutely yield a footfall back, it's simple to apprehend that this is alone the beginning. We are branch appear some Robocop-inspired future, but accumulate in apperception these things yield time, both to array out the aloofness apropos to absolute the technology.

As continued as these accoutrement advice our accessible assurance workers do their jobs better, though, everybody stands to benefit. Except the criminals. They're screwed. [TechCrunch]

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