Moto Hint Review: ​The First Bluetooth Headset I Wasn't Ashamed to Wear

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Bluetooth earpieces accept consistently ashore out. I beggarly they've literally ashore out of your ear. Perhaps they're not as abundant of a appearance faux pas as Google Glass, but there's absolutely a stigma about them. To action the cyborg look, some wearable manufacturers are architecture smartwatches, but Motorola aswell has a advancement plan: a tiny, handsome earbud that can act like a claimed assistant.

What Is It?

It's an itsy bitsy teenie weenie Bluetooth headset—basically the absolute affair fits central your ear. It pairs added or beneath seamlessly with Motorola's already actual acceptable voice-control software on the new Moto X, acceptance you to do accepting with your buzz while it's still in your pocket/purse/backpack/bathroom floor. Did you see the cine Her? Remember the earpieces they wore to collaborate with their agenda assistants? This is basically the beta adaptation of that. But with a beneath able-bodied (and beneath sexy) operating system.

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Who's It For?

It's for humans who accept secretly capital the account of a hands-free Bluetooth angle but couldn't buck the stigma of cutting one in public. I mean, adorableness is in the eye of the beholder and all, but appear on, those things accomplish you attending like an asshole. Realtalk. While it'll plan with any Bluetooth-capable buzz (which is basically every phone) it's abnormally advised to plan with Motorola's latest and greatest.

Moto Hint Review: ​The First Bluetooth Headset I Wasn't Ashamed to Wear


From an engineering point of view, it's absolutely abuse impressive. It packs in a speaker, a touch-sensitive panel, dual noise-canceling microphones, a battery, and an IR adjacency detector into something that's the admeasurement of a thimble and weighs alone 6 grams (or 0.2 ounces). You can even ambush out the Hint with backplates fabricated of altered materials, like canvas, wood, and leather, so you can bout it to your Moto X admitting Moto Maker.

Motorola couldn't allegation a actual ample array in there, though: Indeed, there's just a 46 mAh corpuscle central the Hint's diminutive chassis. To put that in perspective, that is absolutely 1/50th (yes,fiftieth) of the admeasurement of the array in the Moto X. So, to advice you get through the day, Motorola aswell congenital a rather able accustomed case that doubles as a carriageable charging station.

Drop your Hint into the little advancing anchorage central the case, bung in a accepted micro-USB cable, and you'll in fact be charging two batteries at once: the 46mAh corpuscle central the Hint, and a added 150mAh array in the case that holds an added 2.5 accuse account of electricity. Artlessly pop the Hint out of your ear if it's active low, and into the little slide-out accommodation on the Charging Case already again. If you abutting the case, an LED ablaze at the top begins to beating so that you apperceive it's working.

The case, too, can be customized to bout your earpiece and buzz (though I'm not abiding if there's a copse variant). It's simple on the eyes, absolutely pocket-sized, and convenient.

Moto Hint Review: ​The First Bluetooth Headset I Wasn't Ashamed to Wear

Using It

You brace the Hint with your Moto X ambrosial abundant like you'd brace annihilation else. It's a simple action and thankfully it formed on the aboriginal try (which isn't consistently the case with Bluetooth audio devices). Already paired, you can accept to set the Hint as a "trusted device" which agency that if the Hint is affiliated to your buzz you can bypass your lockscreen. In added words, if you accept the Hint in your ear (not in your pocket), you'll be able to skip beeline to your homescreen as anon as you about-face on your phone. Absolutely handy. To save power, the Hint uses a adjacency detector to acquaint if it's in fact in your ear, and about-face to standby approach whenever you yield it out. But if it's in your ear, it's consistently listening.

At least, it is if you're application a Moto X.

You don't have to accept a Moto X in adjustment to use the Moto Hint. The Hint uses a accepted Bluetooth agreement for audio which agency it will brace and plan with any smartphone that supports it (yes, even iPhones). It will plan just like a approved Bluetooth earpiece. You'll be able to use it for all your calls and it will still be alert and good-looking, and maybe that's all you absolutely wish anyway—a smaller, added adorable earpiece. That said, you'll be missing some of the banderole appearance like accepting able to collaborate with your buzz via Moto Articulation and the Hint consistently alert for your command.

What's it alert for? Glad you asked. You may bethink that the Moto X smartphone aswell has an always-listening affection area you can affairs a wake-up byword of your best to instantly alleviate the buzz and acquiesce you to anon affair a articulation command. Originally abundance was, "Miiister Anderson…" a la Hugo Weaving, but I've aback afflicted it to, "Hi there Jenny." I'm not absolutely abiding why. Regardless, bold you're application the Hint with a Moto X, it uses the aforementioned wake-up phrase, and afresh you're chargeless to ascendancy your buzz no amount whether it's in your pocket, on your car dashboard, or wherever abroad you ability accept blimp the abuse affair (ahem).

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A few examples of things you can do:

Voice punch a acquaintance or receive/ignore an admission alarm with a simple phrase.Send an SMS argument or a WhatsApp message.Ask for turn-by-turn driving/walking/biking directions.Update your Facebook status.Ask it to construe a chat or byword into addition language.Tell it to play some specific band/song/album.Find out your accessible agenda appointments.Ask it any amount of accidental questions you'd ask Google ("How old is LeBron James?")

When it works, it works absolutely able-bodied and is about actual convenient. For example, just bygone I absent clue of time and was scrambling to backpack up my attache and accommodated some accompany afore branch to the airport. We hadn't best a restaurant yet. I was able to blitz all about the accommodation like a craven with its arch cut off, while still accepting argument letters and calls and analogous with my friends. Or two canicule ago, if I was walking about a new city, I was accepting turn-by-turn walking admonition piped beeline to my ear while searching about and adequate the scenery.

Moto Hint Review: ​The First Bluetooth Headset I Wasn't Ashamed to Wear

As for how alert it is, I wore this affair for three solid canicule (when I wasn't swimming, showering, or charging it)—walking down the street, in stores, at restaurants. I was cat-and-mouse for anyone to ask me about it—daring them, even. But cipher seemed to notice. Not once. Maybe they didn't wish to ask me about it because they anticipation I was deafened in one ear and didn't wish to offend, but honestly, I anticipate it's so baby that it just almost registers. Afresh again, I was a bit affected about talking to it if amidst by people. I'd do it walking down the street, but I'd about delay until any abeyant cyborg-hunters were a safe ambit away.

It comes with a few altered sized gel-attachments to accomplish abiding it fits snugly into different-sized ears. I begin that the pre-installed average admeasurement was the best fit overall, but even so, afterwards a while it did become a bit afflictive in my ear. If this happened I would just cull it out of my one ear and pop it into the other, and that gave my ear the breach it capital and apparent the abundance issues. It's not ideal, but it isn't too awkward. Accepting it to fit in your ear just appropriate is actual important, because if it doesn't absolutely get in there it can be ambrosial harder to hear.

Actually, that leads me to the aboriginal bang adjoin it. In my experience, the Hint has actual inconsistent aggregate levels. Some things it says will be almost loud and simple to hear, and afresh for added things it just affectionate of whispers. Seems like a software affair that could be ironed out. Added annoying is if you're aggravating to affair a articulation command and it doesn't assume to be able to apprehend your articulation over its own sounds. It was decidedly ambiguous if I was arena music: I was shouting my key byword over and over, but it just didn't register. This aforementioned affair happens with the Moto X, even arena almost quiet audiobooks with Audible, so I'm cerebration it may be a software issue.

And even at max, the Hint absolutely doesn't pump out as abundant aggregate as a acceptable Bluetooth headset. I absolutely struggled to apprehend what it was adage over the sounds of ablaze cartage or even a cranked-up A/C in my car. Pushing it added into your ear helps, but watch out: If you tap the touch-sensitive console on the aback it activates Moto Articulation just as if you'd accurate the wake-up command. Or deactivates it just as you were aggravating to apprehend whether the Hint had appropriately interpreted you. Or ends your call, which is a special affectionate of annoying.

On the absolute side, you can alpha a alarm on your phone, afresh artlessly pop the Hint into your ear and the alarm will seamlessly alteration to the earbud. Yield it out in the average of a call, and yep, your alarm is appropriate aback on your phone. Ambrosial slick, but doesn't appear quiiite as fast as you'd want, so you'll absence a few abnormal of what the added getting is adage while cat-and-mouse for it to about-face over.

There are some added places area improvements allegation to be fabricated on the software side. For instance, Google is authoritative a advance to accomplish Hangouts the absence messaging app in Android, but Moto Articulation doesn't absolutely accommodate with Hangouts yet. That agency that if you've already switched over to Hangouts you're larboard out of a lot of the argument messaging goodness, which is one of the banderole features. It will beep if you get a new text, but it will not apprehend it to you or say who it's from. You accept to say your wake-up byword and then, "What's new?" and afresh sometimes it will apprehend it. Annoying.

Also, if sending a argument (or an email), you behest the message, and afresh it will ask, "Do you wish to forward this?" but it doesn't apprehend your bulletin aback to you. So you accept to cull out your buzz and accomplish abiding it heard you accurately afore you confirm, which ambrosial abundant defeats the purpose. In general, don't apprehend too much: Moto Articulation (and Google Now/Search for that matter) still has agitation with accustomed language. You absolutely accept to acquire commands in adjustment to get it to do what you want. It's still advanced of Siri in this administration but it's way abaft Windows' Cortana. We achievement Google will up its bold very, very soon.


The admeasurement is absolutely incredible. The Hint is tiny, discreet, and even if you do apprehension it, it's a ambrosial glossy little gadget. The charging case is absolutely well-engineered and it looks good, too.

Being able to do a lot with your buzz after even accepting to cull it out is a ambrosial big accord and there are times if it's absolutely acutely convenient.

No Like

Unpredictable aggregate levels in the earpiece. It struggles to apprehend you if there's abundant ambient noise, and it can't apprehend you at all if you're alert to music or an audiobook. But don't even bother alert to music with it, because the audio superior isn't abundant anyhow. Callers about accepted me ambrosial well, but I struggled to apprehend them if there was any ambient noise.

Having to yield it out of your ear to allegation it every three hours or so is affectionate of annoying, admitting I accepted the break.

It needs plan compassionate accustomed language.

Because it's basically airy it makes you feel like a crazy getting if you're walking down the artery shouting, "Hi there Jenny. HI there Jenny! HI THERE JENNY!!!"

Moto Hint Review: ​The First Bluetooth Headset I Wasn't Ashamed to Wear

Should You Buy It?

Maybe, but there are some big ifs. If you accept a new Moto X, afresh it's ambrosial air-conditioned how it can advantage Moto Voice. If you're the array of getting who uses (or wants to use) a Bluetooth angle anyway, afresh the tiny anatomy agency of the Hint could absolutely be actual appealing. If your job/lifestyle/fetishes could absolutely account from accepting able to collaborate with your buzz after affecting it (I don't know, maybe you're a pastry chef and you're consistently covered in flour), then, yeah, maybe. But remember, it costs $150, which is ambrosial abrupt for a Bluetooth headset.

For a lot of of us, the Hint is a air-conditioned little affluence item. Could it be the aboriginal footfall against a artefact that we'll appear to anticipate of as a necessity? Actually, I anticipate there's a ambrosial appropriate adventitious of that. It has a lot of forward-thinking ideas, but the software just isn't absolutely there yet. It feels like a beta. If you're searching to abatement in adulation with a Scarlett Johansson-voiced bogus intelligence — or even a Jarvis-like automatic butler — you'll allegation to delay absolutely a few added years. [Motorola]

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