Monsanto Weedkiller and GM Maize Linked to Tumor Risk (UPDATED)

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A new study suggests that the world's acknowledged weedkiller and the GM maize aggressive to it are affiliated to added accident of bump growth, assorted agency accident and abortive death.

The study, undertaken by a aggregation of advisers at the University of Caen, France, and appear in Food and Chemical Toxicology, is the aboriginal to investigate the abiding aftereffect of Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller, or the NK603 GM maize aggressive to it—for which Monsanto owns the patent.

Ten groups of ten rats were fed capricious aggregate of maize, GM maize and the weedkiller: three were fed diets absolute altered accommodation of Roundup aggressive maize at 11, 22 and 33 percent; three were fed baptize abstemious with capricious quantities of Roundup; three were fed both; and others were fed accustomed maize as a control. The abstraction ran over a two year period.

The after-effects advance that rats fed on the GM maize or accustomed baptize absolute Roundup died decidedly beforehand than rats fed on a accepted diet. In agreement of harder numbers, 50 percent of macho and 70 percent of changeable rats died anon in the apparent groups, compared to just 30 and 20 percent, respectively, in the ascendancy group.

Perhaps added importantly, the allegation appearance that NK603 and Roundup could cause agnate accident to rat bloom whether they're captivated calm or on their own.

GM crops such as NK603 accept ahead been accustomed for beastly burning based on 90-day beastly trials. However, this abstraction hows that mammary tumors and astringent alarmist and branch accident occurred in the rats from four months on—which wouldn't accept been detected in beforehand research.

So what does that beggarly for you? Well, about 85 percent of maize developed in the US is GM, and Monsanto is one of the better all-around suppliers. Remember that those articles don't just go into blah on the cob; they're begin in chips, cereals, affable oil and even booze. This abstraction isn't abundant to change that yet of course: afterwards all, it's absurd to try and administer these allegation to altered crops. It may, however, atom a little added questioning—and that can't be a bad thing. [Food and Chemical Toxicology via The Grocer]

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Update: Sept. 21, 2012 — Back the antecedent advertisement of this story, journalists accept apparent cogent affirmation that the sponsors of this study, The Sustainable Food Trust, affianced in boundless media abetment to abstain accessible criticism of the abstraction performed at the University of Caen, France. The AFP, Reuters, and BBC accept all back refiled their belief to annual for this new information. You can apprehend added apropos the trial's shortcomings here. -AT

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