Google Chrome OS Meta-Review: Faster and Better, but Still Falls Short

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Google Chrome OS Meta-Review: Faster and Better, but Still Falls Short

The aboriginal reviews of Google's latest adaptation of Chrome OS are out. Several publications took the cloud-based OS for a analysis drive on the new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and Series 3 Chromebox.

Google Chrome OS Meta-Review: Faster and Better, but Still Falls Short
Google Drops Revamped Chrome OS on Newer, Faster ChromebooksGoogle Drops Revamped Chrome OS on Newer, Faster ChromebooksGoogle Drops Revamped Chrome OS on Newer, Faster C

If you haven't paid absorption to Google's Chrome OS in awhile, you ability not admit it …Read moreRead on

The accord so far? Chrome OS Verion 19 is fast and takes some important strides appear carrying a fully-functional, browser-based OS. But still, even with the achievement enhancements and $450 hardware, it's not absolutely accessible for primetime.

The Verge

The Chromebook's accouterments still feels a bit lackluster. The body superior and affectation are able afterwards getting annihilation special, and I adopt some of the architecture touches from the last-generation Chromebook. For the $449 price, though, you can get a appealing acceptable Windows laptop, so you accept to accede the tradeoffs. The Chromebook has abundant array life, solid performance, and absurd start-up time, but Windows still offers a apple of apps and use cases that Chrome OS can't match.

Google is afterpiece than anytime to acceptable the apple that we can reside online, that we can do abroad with the old harder drives and bounded apps and absorb our lives on the web. If you're arcade for a dead-simple computer to use as a accessory apparatus or to accord to anyone with alone basal computer needs, the latest Chrome OS machines are account a continued look.


On the Chromebook's trackpad

One of the best we've activated lately. Seriously, folks, you're searching at a $449 netbook-like apparatus whose island-style keys put thousand-dollar Ultrabooks to shame. Compared to Samsung's own Series 9 laptops and added ultraportables, the chiclet keyboard on action actuality in fact has some animation to it. The hardly added keys and even the quiet complete accomplish it simple to achieve in for hours of web surfing, email and adventure autograph (well, if you're an Engadget editor, anyway).

On Chrome OS

The acceptable news is that Google's taken a half-baked, beginning artefact and done an admirable job of fleshing it out. Afterwards spending a few canicule testing the software, we can confidently say that multitasking is a lot easier if you can appearance assorted windows onscreen at once, and if you accept shortcuts affianced to the basal of the screen, beneath the browser. It's aswell badly accessible to be able to adapt abstracts offline instead of just appearance them. Ditto for getting able to apprehend books offline, or use Hangouts for video babble instead of the calling affection congenital into GChat.


It is screamingly fast. Both the browser barrage and browsing itself yield advantage of bigger hardware, cartoon and a lot of chiefly the basal OS. The trackpad, which acclimated to accept the admiration of a section of wood, feels like a trackpad on any avant-garde laptop. There are abundant apps to in fact use the accessory for added than a few banal tasks, such as browsing and email.


The Chrome OS has a continued way to go afore it's accessible to claiming Windows or Apple's OS X - afterwards all, you can alone run web-based browser apps on the platform. Nonetheless, the new desktop interface (which allows for accurate multitasking), as able-bodied as updates on the roadmap, should abide to nudge Chrome OS against greater appliance and utility.


Here's the better botheration with the Chromebook: the hardware's fine, and the simplified Web-based OS is clever, and even able if you don't apperception its limitations. Still, it's a radically bargain subset of what you can get on a Windows or Mac laptop...or even an iPad or Android tablet, for that matter. And yet, it costs added than a new iPad 2, a thinner, keyboard-enabled Android book like the Asus Transformer Pad, or a absolutely featured 11-inch ultraportable laptop like the AMD-powered HP dm1z.

If the Chromebook were $99, this could accept been a advocate product. As it currently stands, it's alone an allurement to pay a lot of money to be allotment of a Google experiment. And you're the analysis subject.


As before, start-up is asleep simple. You accept your accent and arrangement for abutting online, access your Google (Gmail) accreditation and you're appealing abundant acceptable to go. Your bookmarks and accessible tabs for Web pages on any added computers you accept with the Chrome browser should be synced up. And this time around, though, the Chromebook acquaintance is about added polished.

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