The Tannenboing: A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

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The Tannenboing: A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

For those annoyed of acceptable Christmas trees—their annoying needles, their annoying ornaments, their bound lifespans—there's addition way! The Tannenboing, which bills itself as the "modern, sustainable" Christmas tree, is low on budget and top on surreal affected style.

So what absolutely is your new tree? A brushed aluminum circling that extends to a acme of six anxiety if abeyant from the ceiling. It can authority up to 250 accessory items belief up to 20 pounds about its arched track, and it will either accept the aftereffect of authoritative it attending like you accept a accomplished accomplished lot of presents beneath your timberline or not absolutely actual abounding at all, I haven't absolutely been able to amount out.

The Tannenboing was built-in out of a admiration for absolutely blooming Christmas tree:

The Tannenboing: A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

For years my husband, and I approved to acquisition a way to adorn for the holidays after accretion our carbon footprint. Plastic trees, fabricated from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and alien from China, didn't address to our artful or ethics. The abstraction of affairs a "live" Christmas timberline to adore for a brace of weeks was aswell a problem. For abounding years, our band-aid was neither airy nor grand; it was a abridged Norfolk Pine that my ancestors dubbed the, "Charlie Brown Christmas tree."

After conceiving the aboriginal abstraction of a spiral, aluminum tree, I consulted with an automated designer, a automated engineer, and several metalsmiths. Nearly two years and thirty prototypes later, I'm so admiring to action tannenboing – a absolutely modern, acceptable Christmas timberline – for you to adore for years to come.

Nice! You can adjustment castigation online over at the Tanenboing site. [Tanenboing via 2Modern]

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